DG Freight Handling

DG Freight Handling

DG Freight Forwarding

Our team provides seamless DG freight forwarding services to ensure the smooth delivery of your hazardous goods.

UN Packaging Provider

As a trusted UN packaging provider, Delman provides high-quality packaging solutions to meet your hazardous goods transportation needs.

Consultancy in Identification of Hazard Class

Delman provides expert consultancy in identifying the correct hazard class for your shipment.

Consultancy in Identification of Correct UN Packing

Our experienced and certified professionals provide consultancy in identifying the correct UN packing for your shipment.

DG Documentation

We at Delman offer comprehensive DG documentation services to ensure compliance with international regulations.

DG Packing

Our DG packing services ensure the safe and secure transportation of your hazardous goods.

DG Freight Handling Subdivisions

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